Vision et valeurs

YWCA Moncton exists to support and empower women – and their families – through advocacy and integrated services that foster independence, wellness, and equity for all.

Vision Statement

Des femmes inspirées menant des vies autonomes !


We believe:

In a woman’s perspective – of women, by women, and for women;
In the balanced development of the whole person in body, mind and spirit;
In the importance of women’s perspectives in shaping society’s direction;
In working in community partnerships and inter-professional relationships;
In equity and equality for women and girls;
In accepting difference and diversity in order to achieve racial and social justice;
In empowering women and girls to achieve their potential;
In the interconnectedness of women world-wide;
In promoting healthy individuals, families, and communities; and
That all women and girls are equal.

Strategic Directions


1. Retention of Strong Leadership
2. Service Expansion – YWCA without Borders
3. Commitment to Bilingualism
4. Fiscal Sustainability through New Funding Initiatives
5. Association Development
6. Housing for Women
7. Diversity